Hope For Paws found and rescued Miley from a pile of trash just outside L.A. The animal was in the worst condition. A severe case of mange caused her to lose patches of fur all over her body. She itched so bad that she wounded herself scratching.

Eldad Hagar, Miley’s rescuer and founder of the rescue organization, felt for the dog the moment he saw him. He instantly noticed how depressed the dog was. Miley was pretty shut down.

Eldad and Miley arrived at the vet in the evening. Despite the late hour, the vet team immediately attended to the dog. They confirmed she suffered from mange, bacterial infections, parasites, and malnutrition. She also needed medicated baths to soothe her skin and received treatment for her wounds.

Miley was so sad that she didn’t want to do anything with anyone. But three days later, she met Frankie, another rescue dog of Hope For Paws. In an instant, the two dogs connected. Frankie and Miley quickly became terrific friends.

Miley, a Husky, took Frankie, a Chihuahua, under her wings. The sweet girl served as a mother figure to the little guy. And they spent days comforting each other while waiting for their forever homes.

A couple of months after Miley’s rescue, a beautiful family came to Hope For Paws and asked about the dog. They read her story and social media and immediately fell in love with her. They offered their hearts and home to her, and the rescuers knew Miley found her home.

Miley was still under medication when she joined her new family. But her skin was better, and her wounds started to heal. She was happier, and she’s incredibly grateful for all the help she received.

A year later, Eldad visited Miley in her home. He couldn’t believe that the dog in front of him was the same sick stray he rescued before. Miley’s beautiful white coat has grown fully. She’s healthy and thriving in her new life.

Credits to Hope For Paws


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