In 2017, a wildfire ripped through Northern California, obliterating the entire city of Santa Rosa. The blazes destroyed a lot of houses in the densely populated community, and residents were forced to flee.

Natasha Wallace, a Santa Rosa Junior College soccer player, was still on campus studying during that time. She saw the fire from the freeway.  Realizing that her dog, Bentley, was alone at home, she rushed to go home.

The wildfire was spreading fast, and she knew she didn’t have much time. Her only intention was to save her 4-year old Pit Bull.

She wasted no time. The moment she got home, Natasha shoved Bentley into her car and started driving away from the neighborhood. She noticed a lot of vehicles leaving the area and moments after she found herself already stuck in traffic. Natasha realized blaze was coming faster than they could get out of the traffic, so she decided to go back and get her bike. Using her duffel bag as a makeshift sidecar for Bentley, she was able to bike her way down the road.

It wasn’t long until a truck pulled over and took her and Bentley. Paul Johnson, the truck driver, drove the rest of the way out.

Natasha lost everything in the fire, including her home, but she was happy to still have her best buddy with her. She and her dog stayed in the fire shelter. Watching her story in the news, someone created a GoFundMe page for Natasha and Bentley, hoping to help them get back on their feet after the catastrophe.

Meanwhile, Natasha told the news that she still feels fortunate not only because she survived the fire but also because of the people who are willing to help.

Watch more of Natasha and Bentley’s story in the video below.

Source: Cloupple Media via Youtube


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