You’re bound to make it big in this life if you have the persistence of Tucson. He used to be a homeless pup who would rummage through piles of garbage to fill his empty stomach with food.

The busy streets of Brazil were Tucson’s home. He would seek shelter from random places whenever it would rain. The pup would then hit the road the moment the sun would come out.

Among the places Tucson frequently visited was a Hyundai dealership. He would show up every single day, as if reporting for duty or something. No one really knows why he fancied the place so much. He just liked being there.

The pawfessional consultant

The staff working at the dealership had long noticed Tucson. They thought him hanging around was bound to end at some point, and he would eventually look for happiness somewhere else.

As months passed, the staff realized that the pup had zero plans of leaving. He was dead set on staying at the dealership, so they decided to take him in.

The decision happened on a rainy night. Tucson was seeking shelter at the dealership. The manager couldn’t stand seeing him suffer, so he decided to invite the pup inside. Tucson wolfed down the food and water that the manager gave him. The pup also went with the manager to the vet for checkup and vaccination.

Their original plan was to give Tucson refuge. However, after seeing his ability to charm the customers, they decided to hire him as their “pawfessional consultant.” They even gave him an ID, which he proudly wears each time he interacts with the customers.

Excellent customer service

Emerson Mariano, showroom manager at Hyundai Brazil, shared that Tucson would go above and beyond to provide quality customer service.

Some customers return to the store after purchasing a car just to check up on Tucson and give him gifts and treats. They also suggested that the company hire the pup as their mascot so he would appear on TV commercials and print ads.

Credits to Hyundai Motor Brazil


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