Dogs show their love by sticking with their humans through thick and thin. So, when a young boy named Peyton had to do a time-out, his dog Dash, made sure little human won’t have to suffer alone. Dash did the time-out too.

Dash and Peyton, best friends

Dash joined Peyton’s family as a puppy. He is the family’s second dog, and he’s close to everyone. But this sweet pooch is especially drawn to Peyton and treats the kid as his human brother. Peyton also thinks of Dash as his best buddy.

And best friends don’t bail out when the other is in trouble. Dash proves his devotion and loyalty to his brother Peyton even when things got a little ugly.

Peyton is just a kid, and he gets into mischief now and then. This time, Peyton picked a fight with his sister. Their parents think that Peyton needs to ponder upon his actions, so they got him in time-out. The little boy stood against the wall for a few minutes, so he comes to realize the consequences of his actions.

I’ll face the wall with you

Peyton’s mom, Jillian, exited the room for a few moments but came back to the sweetest sight between her little boy and his dog. Dash decided to join Peyton for the time-out to comfort his human brother. Peyton even had his arms wrapped around his devoted dog’s body the entire time too.

Jillian admitted she couldn’t stay that mad for long after seeing that touching moment between the two best friends. Dash seemed to know right away that Peyton needed him. And while they can’t bail from this punishment, Dash made it easier for Peyton just by standing there by his side.

Peyton will learn more as he grows, and he might find himself in trouble again at some point. Hopefully, these experiences will teach him valuable life lessons. But what’s more remarkable is that Dash will always have his back. It’s truly comforting to know that your best friend will face the wall (and everything else) with you.

Thanks to Jillian Marie Smith

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