All mothers, even dogs, share the same excitement and joy of having a baby. Nothing is more adorable than seeing those little innocent cute faces of pups!

Alicia and Natasha own the pregnant-turned-mother Romy, an Irish Setter. She is a three-year-old dog with beautiful pups. According to the owners, they conducted an ultrasound during her fourth week of pregnancy. They were sure they saw 8 or 9 puppies inside her womb, and that is the typical number of litters.

However, things seem more surprising as they are expecting! Instead of 9 pups, guess what? Yes, Romy delivered a jaw-dropping more than a dozen puppies! Of course, both Natasha and Alicia were both shocked because that is beyond their expectation.

While a first-time mother, Romy was able to give birth safely. She got pregnant in December 2011. It took her to endure the ten hours of labor. Nevertheless, it was all paid off seeing her many adorable puppies. All of them are perfectly healthy, thanks to the efforts of Natasha and Alicia. They stayed beside Romy throughout the whole course of delivery.

Since there are many mouths to feed and Romy’s milk is insufficient to accommodate all of them, the two worked a 24-hour feeding cycle to make sure the pups will get all the nourishment they need.

You see, the world is full of surprises no matter how small or big they are. Alicia’s family turned into a bigger one. We imagine how happy their home will be in the future. It can be an advantage that Natasha knows about animals. They ensure that Romy is in good health and well-nourished during the pregnancy period.

Undoubtedly, many dog owners will learn a lesson on how they can help their pet during pregnancy and delivery.

Credits to Karisah Kennels


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