Having a faithful partner in your life is one of the best feelings in the world. Once you have that partner, you do not want to be separated from each other.

That is why the Kennebec Valley Humane Society helped a pair of senior pit bulls get married, hoping that they will stay together forever.

The shelter found two pit bulls named Jack, ten years old, and Diane, seven years old, at a local cemetery. After realizing that the dogs’ owner was not coming back, the staff decided to rescue Jack and Diane.

Stevanie Roy, the shelter’s director of operations, said that the two dogs were given their own room to spend time together peacefully. Jack and Diane possess an incredible love for each other.

They enjoy snuggling and having fun together. When they are separated, both of them patiently wait for the other to return. When they get reunited, they are filled with so much joy.

The staff of the shelter thinks of Jack and Diane as an old couple. They love to bring the dogs with them to nursing homes, fundraising events, and other community activities.

Although Jack and Diane receive lots of love and care, the shelter still wants them to have a loving family and home together.

So the staff highlighted the pit bull pair to potential adopters by making Jack and Diane’s relationship “official.”

The staff threw a wedding for the pair. During the ceremony, Jack patiently waited for Diane at the altar. When Diane was walked down the aisle by a staff member, Jack could not contain his excitement to the point that he met her halfway.

Furthermore, the John Mellencamp song entitled, “Jack and Diane” was played in the background while Diane was walking down. Stevanie was the officiant of the dogs’ wedding.

She talked about Jack and Diane’s bond and relationship. When she asked for their “I do’s,” the dogs’ responded by licking each other’s faces.

The staff then scattered rose petals over Jack and Diane while their first photo as bride and groom was taken. The reception concluded with a pizza party, and the newlywed pit bulls enjoyed their pepperoni slices.

Currently, Jack and Diane are ready for their next chapter in life as an officially married couple. According to Stevanie, the pair is searching for a loving home with no other animals or pets.

She added that Jack and Diane want to spend the rest of their lives together in a quiet environment where they can peacefully have long naps, get lots of treats and toys and enjoy the weather when it is warm.

Source: Good Morning America via YouTube


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