When Sara Hamilton shared pictures of her cloud-like-looking little Chow Chow on a Facebook group called Dogspotting Society, the photos quickly went viral with over 22,000 reactions and 2,500 comments because of his adorably unique look. Netizens drooled over the dog, who also showed the furball to their friends and loved ones.

The dog’s name is Oreo, and he looks so much like the famous treat that it makes you want to eat him up! And one look at his coat will help you understand why.

His name is Chief. But Oreo cloud has become his nickname because he resembled a famous treat called the Oreo Mcflurry fluff. Don’t be carried away by his looks—this canine is also known for his intelligence and easy-going nature and will be on his way to become a therapy dog.

He might have been small when he was first introduced into the world, but he’s eventually going to grow into an 85-pound canine. And according to Sara, this is the inspiration behind the name Chief since he is undoubtedly a leader and not a follower. He came to them when he was only eight weeks old, fully potty-trained, a quick learner, and well-behaved.

Aside from his cute spots, Chief is a cuddler—he will nap on you and snore so loud than most of the people inside your household. He also loves bath time and gets jealous when he hears somebody drawing one without inviting him over, too.

Chief came into their lives at the perfect time since Sara and her husband have a lot of time to dedicate to their new baby, who hails from Omaha, Nebraska, a 1,700-mile distance from North California. And since they are a recently married couple, the two felt like it was a great time to expand their little family. Chief is a wonderful addition to their troop, along with the couple’s pet chameleon.

Chief loves all kinds of people and is used to being around children as he was born in their presence. Sara has a background in volunteering for sick kids in hospitals, so she is confident that her dog’s path as a future therapy dog will bring so much happiness to those who are going through some dark moments in their lives.

The couple and their pets are currently staying home, but they are training Chief every day about proper etiquette. Sara proudly announces that he is doing very well. And as soon as the pandemic is over, they will be putting him in many basic dog training and therapy classes.

Once he turns a year old, he can take his final test to get certified after all the lessons he’s attended. He will then work at children’s hospitals every week for visits.

Cute, cuddly, and working for a good cause—what more can you ask for?! Chief is the perfect dog, indeed!

Source: Oreo Cloud AKA Chief / Instagram 


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