Three young teenage boys from Acadia Paris, Louisiana, took their bikes for a ride looking forward to a day of fun. They were riding by the side of a road happily and wasn’t expecting that they will be saving a life that day.

Midway through their trip, one of them saw a motionless creature lying on the grass. He pointed it out to his friends, and they all stopped. They went near the animal and discovered that it was a weak and injured dog. They realized that the poor pup would die there if they left him alone, so they called for help.

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Save the dog

13-year-old Wade Harrell called Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue, a local rescue group that operates a no-kill shelter. Wade, along with his friends, Brayden Mauroner and Tyler Cancienne, knew that they needed to get professional help. They feared moving the dog on their own as they might aggravate his injuries.

They also wanted to make sure that the dog will be saved. So they waited for the rescue group to arrive. To prevent anything else from happening to the dog, they formed a barricade by the side of the road using their bikes. They turned them upside-down so that they could be easily seen.

All the while, the dog remained motionless but would move its eyes following the boys’ movements. Seemingly, he knew that help was about to come, thanks to his young heroes. Soon enough, the rescue team arrived. They took the dog, placed him into their vehicle, and took them to their shelter for assessment and treatment.

At the shelter, they first gave the dog some pain medication to relieve him of his discomfort. During his health assessment, the vets discovered that he has hip and leg injuries, possibly from getting hit by a car. They then gave him some food and a comfortable bed where he can rest hist injured body. Luckily, he didn’t require any surgery, so they just gave him medication.

The rescue group posted the dog’s story on their Facebook page, and a week after, a family called them, They said that the dog’s name was Taz and he was able to run away from their home. They were relieved that Taz was found and that he was able to survive his injuries. They soon picked him up and took him home.

Taz was able to recover fully and is now back with his family. Thanks to three kind-hearted boys who took the time and the effort to save a helpless dog.

Source: Zoo Land via Youtube


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