As much as you love your cute little puppy, let’s be honest, owning a dog will definitely require you to spend money. A lot of cash will go to your dog’s daily food, veterinarian expenses, grooming, clothing, training, toys and much more.

It was estimated that a typical pet owner will spend at least a few thousand dollars during the first year of owning a dog. I don’t want to shocked from the sudden amount of added costs for your dog, you must start now in planning how to spend for your dog. Here are a few tips in saving money for your dog.

1. Do it Yourself Toys for your Dog

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to save money for your dog. Puppies tend to be rather destructive when it comes to playing with their toys, and so no matter how expensive the toy you bought for you mutt is, it will be eventually ruined.

With DIY toys, you can bring out your creative side by making your own toys by your design, and even repurpose some of the items found in your house. Not only have you saved a lot of money, but you also found some use for the objects inside your house you considered were garbage.

2. Cook Your Dog Their own Snacks

Another fun and interesting way to save money for your pooch is by making your own dog snacks. By cooking the snacks yourself, you will be sure that the ingredients inside the food that you feed your dog aren’t unknown.

Not only will your dog be delighted with seeing you prepare their snacks, but it will also be good practice for your cooking and baking skills. There are many recipes online that you can search to make those scrumptious dog food that isn’t only cheap to make but are also really healthy for your pooch.

3. Regularly Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Your dog’s mouth is one of their most important body part. They use it to chew, eat food, defend themselves, and explore the world. So it will be very troublesome to discover that your dog’s mouth and teeth have infections. This will greatly affect their daily life and you will be charged a lot of money from all the dental services for your pet pooch.

All of this trouble can be averted by making sure that you brush your dog’s teeth every day. With your dog’s oral hygiene being treated nicely, you will be sure that your dog will not have any dental problems.

4. Bring your dog to The Vet more often

Having your dog get a regular check-up with their vet may seem to cost a lot of money at first. But in the long run, this will make sure that your dog is not having any form of health issues and will let you detect some underlying problems that can be averted earlier saving you a lot of money from the treatment that would be alternatively done if the trouble arises.

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Born and raised in the Midwest, I am a mom, business owner, and a lover of furry animals. There have always been four-footed furry pets in my life. Big or small, it seems I love them all! Most of my pets live long and happy lives and I have been fortunate to have several devoted friends thru the years from small Cocker Spaniels or Llasa Apso to the "let em take over your entire bed" black labs. Whether we buy them, breed them, or rescue them - however they come to our home, they are always welcomed into our family and soon take over a permanent place in our hearts.


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