Having a dog in your life is such bliss, you have this cute little pet that would love you unconditionally and is ready to be your friend anytime. And so it would be appropriate to find ways for us to make them happy in turn.
These won’t only make you and your dog happier, but this will inevitably strengthen the bond you two already have. This will create a positive feedback loop of happiness.
Here are some of the ways to make your dog happier.

1. Go for a swim

Most dogs love to be in the water, seeing a dog play on the beach all running around and excited is a very nice view to see. The beach is a nice place to let your dog swim. You can also bring your dog to your nearby lake for some swimming action.

Swimming isn’t only a fun way to spend your weekend with your dog, but it’s also a great way for your dog to get a lot of physical exercise with all that movement. Swimming also a nice way to treat your older dogs with arthritis, it’s not a hard impact activity and would train their old bones.

You can slowly introduce swimming to your dog that is actually afraid of water. Try initially providing them with a life jacket, and then eventually they’ll enjoy the splashing in the water.

2. Get them a kiddie pool

If you’re nowhere near a body of water, you can always buy your dog a kiddie pool. This very nice especially during summer where the sweltering heat of the sun becomes a real bother. Your kids can also enthusiastically play with your dog here.

There are a lot of games you can play with your dog in a kiddie pool. Games that not only your dog but you and your kid would enjoy as well.

It’s recommended to have a kiddie pool that is made of hard plastic instead of those made of soft plastic. With hard plastic pools, you will not worry about the scratches and tears that your dog’s nails would do to the plastic pool, potentially saving you a lot of money.

3. Regularly switch up your dog’s toys

There will come a time that your pooch will get bored with all the dog toys that you have given them. A great solution for this to keep your dog happy is by rotating your dog’s toys on a regular basis. This will relatively make your dog’s toys new to them.

You should stop giving your dog access to all their toys, with the limitation of the toys, your dog will appreciate the toys they currently have more than before. After a few days, you can then give them the other toys that you have hidden. This will make your dog more excited for every rotating toy that you give them access to.

4. Give your dog a massage

Massages are a very satisfying way to release stress and relax. Your dog might actually need to have a massage from time to time considering the amount of stress that they can accumulate. This can be a nice way to let them relax before going to sleep.

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Born and raised in the Midwest, I am a mom, business owner, and a lover of furry animals. There have always been four-footed furry pets in my life. Big or small, it seems I love them all! Most of my pets live long and happy lives and I have been fortunate to have several devoted friends thru the years from small Cocker Spaniels or Llasa Apso to the "let em take over your entire bed" black labs. Whether we buy them, breed them, or rescue them - however they come to our home, they are always welcomed into our family and soon take over a permanent place in our hearts.


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