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Why do dogs drool
vlaaitje (CC0), Pixabay

Have you ever wondered why dogs drool, slobber, or excessively salivate? What ever you call it all dogs do it, some more then others. You know the ones I’m talking about, Saint Bernard’s, Newfoundlands, and Basset Hounds. They happen to have anatomical characteristics such as excessive skin around the mouth. Dogs can drool for several different reasons, excitement, nervousness, or just thinking about the next meal can make salivary glands stimulated.

Some drooling is normal so what you can do to help your best friend? Provide chew toys that will cause him to swallow more or just wiping around his mouth. You can also tie a bandanna around the neck with the “triangle” covering his upper chest to absorb the moisture. You thought that was just a fashion statement!

There are times to be concerned when there is excessive drool and maybe a trip to the vet is in order. One of the most common causes is dental problems followed by nausea, object stuck in the mouth or throat, dietary distress, poisoning or disease such as rabies.  JF

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