People may be the supreme being on Earth for all the discoveries that improved our lifestyle, but there are just some things that dogs can do better. Just watch this video below and see for yourself how an adorable dog can do some very impossible errands for his owners like buying ingredients and cooking.

Meet the dog who can shop

If your dog is not yet into shopping or cooking, then you don’t want it to be left out. Here, watch this video that tells how intelligent our furry friends are. All we have to do is unlock all those underlying capabilities, and voila, we will be living super easy!

Serving the humble servant

As seen in the inspiring video above, the dog’s owner forgot an essential ingredient for a bowl of bone soup he is about to cook. Checking his recipe, he made a list and put it in a basket. He summoned his dog and instructed it to go to the market for the listed ingredients in the bag. If that seems an absurd idea, wait to see how the dog took the basket like it wasn’t his first time and walked the stretch to the market.

As soon as the dog reaches the market, it continued to the favorite veggie store that his master frequented. There, he gave the basket to the vendor, who was not even surprised to see its furry customer. Sure enough, this is the nth time that this dog has done this kind of errand, so the vendor is already accustomed to it. He goes about the list and finds the things on it. As soon as the list is complete, the vendor hand over the basket, and the dog took off quickly so his owner wouldn’t be waiting for too long.

我叫元小旦 via Youtube


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