Dogs are angels, and they deserve nothing but the utmost love and care from their owners. It is sad to think that some owners fail to do this. They neglect their dogs.

Thankfully, some good citizens are still out there willing to take the responsibilities the owners should be doing, just like Laura Seymour.

Laura Seymour had a neighbor with an Akita. Ever since they met, Laura developed a strong liking for the dog.

Laura saw that the dog was chained up to a doghouse. So she mustered the courage to walk up to the dog and finally introduce herself. Laura was surprised that the dog was friendly and so sweet to strangers.

She also saw that the dog had no food nor water. After witnessing this, she was heartbroken for the dog.

Laura thought of a way to help the poor Akita. Ever since that time, she would stop by and visit the dog thrice a week. Whenever they would see each other, she would supply its food and water.

Laura eventually called the dog Takia. It hurt her to see Takia in that kind of environment. She could not stand to see her in that kind of situation anymore, so she opted to call animal control.

Unfortunately, she got a call back from the officers saying Takia was not being neglected as she was being provided with food, water, and shelter.

Even after that call, Laura continued what she normally did for Takia. Through the rain and snow, she would visit Takia at her doghouse.

Laura introduced Takia to her mom, who encouraged her to try calling the animal control again since she was worried about how Takia could survive the summer heat.

After that day, Laura received good news from an animal control officer who said Takia’s owner was compelled to surrender her. They are also searching for someone to adopt Takia.

This is what she has been waiting for for a long time, she didn’t waste any time and took the chance instantly. Ever since they lived together, Takia has been a good dog. Laura and her sleep together and she likes wandering around their house.

A person commented on Laura’s kindness. That person was a neighbor of Takia’s former owner. She said their family used to do the same for Takia.

She is glad Takia now belongs to Laura. They deserve each other. Laura is proof that you can care, love, and help a dog beyond ownership.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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