Engagements are beautiful. That is why couples are always excited to share the good news with the world. With the technology that we currently have, most choose to take photos or videos and share them on social media. However, not every engagement announcement ends up the way couples expect them to happen.

Like many, a newly-engaged woman planned on letting everyone know about her upcoming big day. She thought that there was no cuter way to do that than to make her dog pose with her beautiful ring. Of course, that would have been an excellent idea, given there would be two adorable things in one frame. However, as it turned out, the pup had other plans.

The woman’s video had already gone viral, and in it, she could be seen perching her beautiful diamond ring on her dog’s nose. She commanded the golden retriever to “stay,” but things went very wrong when the not-so-obedient did something else.

WCGW if I try to show off my new engagement ring? from Whatcouldgowrong

Within seconds, the dog flipped his nose back and threw the ring up in the air before gobbling it down. The woman never expected that her dog would see her cherished ring as food. But, by the time she had that realization, it was already too late.

The video was shared on Reddit, and people jokingly commented that the dog has such an expensive taste. The ring disappeared in a blink of an eye after the adorable pup mistook it for a treat. Although many found the clip funny, some were unimpressed and left some unfriendly comments.

Although it may be too late, another pet owner shared a handy trick. She said that the first command that she taught her dogs was “out.” It means that they need to drop whatever is inside their mouth. That was an excellent idea if only the soon-to-be bride knew that beforehand.

Credit: DanyHeatley50in07


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