When you’re a kid and you see how puppies are with people, of course, you’d ask your parents to get you one. Childhood just isn’t complete without going through it with a furry dog by your side.

This young lady named Miley wanted a pup to call her own, and she asked her parents every day. The young lady would get a hard no from her parents, but that didn’t stop her from asking anyway.

Miley’s persistence wore her parents off, and one day, they gave her what she’s been asking for. Mom and dad got her an Australian Shepherd, and they gave it to their daughter while she was still asleep.

Dad walked in carrying the puppy and placed her beside their sleeping daughter. The pup was curious and checked her new digs out, knowing that this sleeping angel was gonna be her primary hooman.

You’re not wrong there, pet, and you’re just about to make this little girl the happiest one on the planet. Miley’s mom called her name to wake her up, and she did with a start.

It took Miley a couple of seconds to figure out what’s going on, but when she saw the puppy beside her, she was speechless. To make that moment even more adorable, the puppy meekly sat and watched her new master.

After the initial shock wore off, Miley got emotional. She began to cry as the puppy climbed on her for a hug. The pup probably wondered if she caused her new owner distress.

No pet, not at all. They’re happy tears, and they’re all because of you. Miley thanked her parents again and again despite her tears. She told them it’s the best day of her life.

Good for you, Miley. Good job to your parents too. We hope you go on epic adventures with that little rascal, and may you have only the best experiences life can give!

Photo and video credits to April Breckenridge via YouTube


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